Furniture Design Award 2017 require entries

Posted on 11 sep 2015 by Admin   | 

The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) has actually announced that entries for the 23rd Furniture stylish white dining table Design Award is now open for registration.

Participants of all backgrounds, including design students and specialists, are welcomed to send their initial works. The FDA 2017 will, as in the previous year, take on a freestyle approach where designers are encouraged to exercise their imagination without constraints, and show originality in their works.

Released in 1993 by the SFIC, the Award looks for to find new design skills from all over the world to present their distinct productions amongst worldwide furniture manufacturers and designers.

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Distinct Design Furniture iPad & iPhone charging

Posted on 29 aug 2015 by Admin   |  

We are all the same when it comes to our devices they are over your house. It’s rather insane the quantity of time I invested searching for my phone, tablet or another phone. I m not talking about how many times I forget to recharge them the best time: right before going to bed.

Here a wonderfully designed piece of furniture to help you to keep all your gadgets neat with no unpleasant wires.

Dittrich Design chose to resolve this requirement, not by producing another gadget, but rather by creating furniture. This is where the Alldock is available in.

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Always Moving? This Modular Furniture Is Easy to Take

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MANY DESIGNERS HAVE TRIED to top Ikea with their own riffs on flat pack furniture. Some are cheap, some are easy to put together, and some you can build yourself if you’re helpful with tools. None of them recognizes a standard fact: It s still a hassle getting it from point A to point B when it comes time to move.

Sam Wrigley is a recent graduate of Falmouth University in the UK, where he developed a furniture line for regular movers. He calls it Crisscross, and it s yet another take on flat-pack, modular furniture. His concept, motivated by 5 relocations in as several years, focuses on birch plywood pegboard panels.

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